About Us


Marguerite & NexXzit - Margo/Vocalist - Gedown/Guitarist - Rio/Drummer

Our music is born of an era when musicians recorded and performed "live". Our original sound is "Nu-Soul", a combination of old and new schools and across genres. Our fans and followers have described us as being creatively positive, and refreshingly different. Margo "The Melody"  -Gedown "The Groove" Rio "The Rhythm" = NexXzit!

NexXzit, pronounced next exit, is - Margo, Ge’down and Rio "who are the founding members". We are professional Producers/Musicians and Performers. Our originality and creativity are attributes of our natural and acquired talents. Our style of music is what we call Nu Soul, a combination of R&B, soul and funk, rock and jazz. Creating songs with meaningful lyrics combined with great music tracks and giving our fans a great listening experience is what we live for. We want to appeal to every listening ear so we cross genres.

Ge’down produces, plays lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, engineers, composes, arranges and does background vocals.  Margo produces, sings lead and background vocals, along with being an accomplished lyricist, songwriter and vocal arranger. She also plays keyboards in recording sessions. Rio also produces, writes and arranges and as our drummer provides the beat that keeps NexXzit in the pocket.


I am an Independent Artist living with disabilities.  It is my hopes to encourage and inspire others to never give up on their dreams and know that “through positive thought all things are possible”.  Music is my salvation; it helped me through a long healing process.

 Medical trauma interrupted my growth as an Artist/Singer; however my triumph over many adversities has made me stronger, more loving and caring.  My enhanced spiritual and emotional growth reflects in my writing and my delivery of the songs I write.  A friend, who is a big fan said, “I have a soul stirring voice with powerful words that will “make” a person want to listen.”


To be self contained, we established and run our independent record label (Parkway South Records, LLC) where I use my creative initiative as a graphic arts designer, business management skills, and electronic publishing skills as an avenue to commercialize our music.  Thanks for your time and attention.