by NexXzit

Released 2016
Parkway South Records LLC
Released 2016
Parkway South Records LLC
New thought provoking Metal from NexXzit. "Conspiracy" is a commentary about many of todays important social issues. "Conspiracy" opens a dialog about the covert activities perpetrated around the world today. A political statement from NexXzit with dark vocals from Michael "Gedown" Brown and Marguerite "Margo" Bruce exposing the hypocrisy in todays political climate.
Michael "Gedown" Brown; Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars., Keyboards, Bass Synth and Background Vocals
Marguerite "Margo" Bruce: Lead and Background Vocals
Ron "Rio" Rivers: Drums
Written by: Michael S. Brown and Marguerite Bruce
Produced By: Michael "Gedown" Brown
Recorded By: Michael "Gedown" Brown
Mixed By: NexXzit