St Charles


"Marguerite Sings"

M arguerite sings
A nd butterflies flutter their wings
R emarkable things
G ive as they should
U p expands and
E verything is good.
R ight now the moment brings 
I nspiration
T hrough me to you to
Expression my appreciation

S o many times you put a poem to song
I n a way that appears as if they belong
N ext to each other and side by side
G raceful and gracious your spirit abides
S o I thank you for the joy that it brings...

...God bless you today 
Marguerite Sings



This photo is so POWERFUL. It speaks to so many situations that ( women in particular) people can relate to and get motivated in all aspects of situations or contemplations! It's not only awesome its right up there with the ultimate:-)) Turnin Toxic, Turnin Up and Turnin Out!! Go girl!!! Maureen Jones


Jazzy Soul Radio

Keep that sweet music music coming Michael Gedown Brown looking forward to more music from Marguerite!


You are a pro Marguerite Sings, you know how we strong women do!!! get up brush ourselves off and keep it moving and never give up, can't wait to hear the rest of the album, congratulations!!!


From the production to the song selection/writing and performance this recording is simply as fine as I've heard. I can't say enough about it ...listen for yourself and

Loving you like a love song

This sisters voice is strong, rich and pure as she pays homage to some of the greatest love song titles and hooks ever made. You were right this is the kind of music we grew up on. Marguerite's voice is a gift!! Best 99 cents I ever spent... Less than a dollar to hear a million dollar voice :-)

OMG!!! How she do that!!!!

This lady hit it, La La La La La La La La, made me think back when I was listening to all those songs on the radio when I was a kid. Incredible!!!!!!!