Smarter Than Me


NexXzit's 'Smarter Than Me" Is Contemporary and Jazzy R&B with soulful, thought inspiring lyrics.

With technology taking over, it makes one think about how people don't have to think, remember or even challenge themselves mentally anymore. There are Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart TV's and there's an app for everything these days and NexXzit's "Smarter Than Me" tells that story, because "All you have to do is install and then log-on baby!!

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New thought provoking Metal from NexXzit. "Conspiracy" is a commentary about many of todays important social issues. "Conspiracy" opens a dialog about the covert activities perpetrated around the world today. A political statement from NexXzit with dark vocals from Michael "Gedown" Brown and Marguerite "Margo" Bruce exposing the hypocrisy in todays political climate.

Michael "Gedown" Brown; Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars., Keyboards, Bass Synth and Background Vocals Marguerite "Margo" Bruce: Lead and Background Vocals Ron "Rio" Rivers: Drums Written by: Michael S. Brown and Marguerite Bruce Produced By: Michael "Gedown" Brown Recorded By: Michael "Gedown" Brown Mixed By: NexXzit

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I Hear Your Melo


We're NexXzit and our style of music is a combination of genres R&B-Soul-Funk-Rock and Jazz because each of our members bring their own style and personality to the mix to form “Nu-Soul”. In our single- "I Hear Your Melo" you can hear the marvelous mix.

"I Hear Your Melo" - Lyrics by our lead singer, Marguerite. She takes pride in writing song lyrics that inspire, teach or render love. It's interesting to acknowledge the subliminal message of this song; "communication". As per Marguerite - "We don't talk to each other the way we used to. We send texts and emails and all of the personal effect is gone. Easily being misunderstood because there is no tone to a text or the misconception of symbols and acronyms. Talk to me baby!"

NexXzit is: Marguerite Bruce – Lead and Background Vocals Michael “Gedown” Brown – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Strings, Organ and Piano, Background Vocals Ron Rivers-Drums Adrian “Egg” Norton – Bass Guitar C Wayde Bryant – Electric Piano and Strings (performance and arrangements) Steve Perkins – Percussions J Rocn Ron Butler – Congos Produced by Michael S. Brown and Marguerite Bruce for Gedownbrown Productions Executive Production by Michael S. Brown, Marguerite Bruce and Ron Rivers Written by Marguerite Bruce and Michael S. Brown Mixed by Margo, Gedown and Rio Mixed and Recorded at GedownBrown Productions and Studio for Parkway South Records Arranged by Michael S. Brown, Marguerite Bruce and C. Wayde Bryant Adrian “Egg” Norton and Steve Perkins appear courtesy of Phaze II Jazz C Wayde Bryant appears courtesy of RefleXions-All In II It Productions J Rocn Ron Butler appears courtesy of JC Productions


Copyright protected 2015

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Turnin' Toxic


New, Smooth and Sexy R&B Soul Sounds with meaningful and heart felt lyrics that take you on a musical journey.

Turnin' Toxic is an eclectic mixture of songs about love, life and triumph. Marguerite, the Singer/Songwriter, takes her listeners on a lyrical and musical journey across genres'. Her style offers a new take on a sound that all music lovers can appreciate.

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A Singer/A Guitarist/A Drummer

Who are Songwriters & Producers

Meet the core of Nex_Xzit


NexXzit, (pronounced next exit), is Marguerite aka Margo, Michael aka Ge’down, and Ron aka Rio – whom are the founding members. We are professionals as Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Performers. Our originality and creativity are attributes of our natural and acquired talents. Our style of music is R&B with lots of Soul and Funk & Rock. Meaningful lyrics combined with great music tracks are what we live for. Our ambition is to create and contribute songs to appeal to music lovers everywhere. Check us out, and have a good time!

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

Our group motto is
"What lies behind us and before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

If original R&B, Funk, Rock, Soul and Jazz were an expressway – you would have to take the NexXzit!

Connect with Us